Sunday, February 5, 2012

A Roadtrip, and a Beach Wedding...

Of sorts.

Yesterday was the opening of the 19th Season of the Pundaquit Festival!  Not wanting to miss this awesome happening of happy tunes and great vibes, Lex and I headed out with his folks to see the San Miguel shoreline of Zambales.

And of course, apart from Lex's parents, we brought a couple of friends along.

Enjoying the view en route to Zambales.

While waiting for the program to start, we hung out on the beach and had the two frolic along the shore.

 Dreaming along the shore.

Some folks in the distance took notice, but the couple didn't mind. 

All in all it was a fun afternoon, and a good prelude to the evening of music.

These figurines are actually little cake toppers I've been prototyping.  Wouldn't they be fun little keepsakes?

I wanted the grain to still show, to maximize the wood's natural finish.  The translucent application of paint allowed for delicate shading.  I used gouache, then finished them off with a fixative.

The bride's dress is inspired by my little sister's wedding gown, and of course the groom is wearing our traditional Barong Tagalog.

They'll soon be available on our Etsy shop!  For local buyers, just send me an email!  I'd love to customize a set, or single toppers for you.


  1. this is so gorgeous Yelle!!! make sure to keep this for your own wedding!!! nice story and pictures!

  2. Thanks, Jona! Lex and I aren't sure what we'll be wearing for ours, but we'll definitely be having one of these! :-)