Friday, March 16, 2012

To go with fresh? Or with flowers that last?

Okay, I'm no florist.  But I've been into making fabric bouquets and fabric flowers.  And I say--to each her own.  :-)  Through my current styling projects I'm slowly learning more about fresh flowers, and from all of the fresh bouquets I've seen so far, I think it can safely be said that no level of artisan talent can equal the diversity and delicate aesthetic of Mother Nature.

But as a crafter I also say--craft-y-ness + creativity = the happy products of the very human yearning to create as well as to make things last (woohoo, may I dramatize the case for fabric flowers...).  Memories and keepsakes are, I think, a reflection of how wonderfully human we all are.  How we would like to cling to things, to remember things--and to be remembered by what we pass on.  But I stray.  Back to flowers.

I started making fabric flowers for head pieces I was having fun with last year.

Ribbon rose with tinted freshwater pearls on my Alice headband.  Awesomely modeled by Zee.
Then upon further research, my fabric-flower know-how extended beyond ribbon roses, and I think I had too much fun with satin and geena silk and bouquet tutorials.

I got to put this new skill to use with my sister's wedding last year.

All bouquets (except for the bride's bouquet of fresh orchids) are handmade with love.
Close up of some of the entourage bouquets.  Photos above by Nelwin Uy.
And now that I'm taking baby steps into styling, the question between fresh or lasting presents itself even more often.  Fresh is an absolute classic.  But, the mounds of moolah you spend on them sometimes end up being cast away at the end of the celebration.  Which is mainly the reason why people consider craft bouquets (another reason is, I've realized that it's also easier to match dresses to the fabric colors used in DIY bouquets which may not be as available in Mother Nature's floral palette).  The lasting DIY craft bouquets, by virtue of being handmade can also be quite expensive though.  BUT, they can also be quite the budget option as well--IF well--you make them yourself.  :-) And it isn't as hard as you think.  I'm currently cooking up a way of sharing the DIY love with brides on a budget.  Stay tuned for that.  If you'd like to check out the tutorial I based the above bouquets on, hop on over to Elizabeth Anne Designs here.  I just used a different sort of fabric flower, but once you get the base (wire whisk) down, the possibilities for these topiary-style bouquets are as endless as you make them.

Here's a sneak peek at my most recent fabric bouquet flower, using a different base and flower type.

Canvas and geena silk with hemp rope and dried flowers.
Will post more on how this project goes.  Blue roses?  No problem.  Hooray for the inspiration we get from nature.  :-)  I think it's great that we get to celebrate the beauty of what's around us together with a twist of homegrown creativity.


  1. I so love this!!! I really love the fabric bouquet you made.

  2. This looks really nice. I feel inspired to make my own fabric flowers. :)

    1. Go for it, Lorra! Let me know how I can be of assistance. Would you be interested if a workshop of sorts was organized? :-)