Tuesday, April 9, 2013

In my quest not to cram...

Tadah! An arrhae pillow.
I've been ticking off my list the different handmade items I'm preparing for my sister's wedding this July.  So far, we're done with the Save-the-dates and the couple's seal (will post photos of those soon).  We also did a quick course on fabric flowers while Clarisse was in town.

Fabric flowers for her entourage!  Clarisse learning how to make fabric flowers.

I mean to finish her headpiece, then their signing tree, then focus on their invitations.  Sounds like a plan, huh?  Just sharing in photos the process of making my sister's arrhae pillow.  I made an earlier one to serve as her ring pillow.  Another check off the list, and a handmade item closer to a heart-made wedding.

It starts off with crocheting a little doily, which I made in the company of yesterday's amigurumi class.
Materials assembled!  Items include satin ribbon, linen cloth and organic cotton.
Sewed the linen to make a pillow with my trusty Brother.
Once sewn, I stuffed the pillow with the organic cotton I've had in stock from Ritual.
After closing up the pillow, I sewed the doily onto it, keeping the stitches inside and away from view.
Will keep posting the items I finish!

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