Thursday, April 5, 2012

The 10A Alabama Summer Arts and Crafts Fair!

Summer handmade goodness!

Just as last-minute plans for April are settled, I thought I could participate in this summer's Arts & Crafts fair (hmmm, maybe I still could...)--well, I'm still thinking about it, as I've a workshop to lead that Saturday.  But for anyone who's in the area, do drop by and revel in summer handmade goodness!

The Arts & Crafts fairs at 10A Alabama are fun, and a colorful place to get inspiration and stock up on handmade goodies.  :-)

If you haven't been to 10A Alabama, then you're in for a treat.  Visiting Resurrection Furniture and Found Objects Gallery is always a venture into the possibilities that await dusty old furniture and odd knickknacks.  I picked up my favorite fabric necklace there--they carry different brands of upcycled items.

So if you don't have plans on the weekend of April 14 and 15, venture over to New Manila and begin a summer handmade adventure of your own.  Ooooh, and if you're in for some yummy mochi, drop by Dezato (a cafe in the area) for ice cream-filled mochi, or a take-home box of the regular kind.  The milk chocolate mochi is delicious.

Here's the map to 10A Alabama:

RAW and Hausbesetzer aren't there anymore, but it's still definitely worth making the trip.  :-)

And here's a picture of my mochi when we first discovered Dezato (upon the recommendation of awesome art collage mistress, Arlene Barbaza).

Avocado ice cream-filled mochi.  Heaven.

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