Sunday, April 8, 2012

NaPoWriMo Day 7: The Day Pink Turned Blue

Longest poem ever.  Actually, it could be a children's storybook.

A quick graphic to go with the epic poem.  I literally fell asleep trying to finish it.

The Day Pink Was Blue

Something wasn't right,
I hadn't a clue.
My face in the mirror
was of a different hue.

I took my temperature,
and though I wasn't ill--
I looked through my cabinet
and swallowed a pill.

And peeped outside...

This couldn't be true,
this couldn't be true--
the roses in the garden
are all a bright blue!

I rushed to the garden,
to the strawberry patch,
to see if this strange condition
my strawberries did catch.

This couldn't be true,
this couldn't be true--
my pink, sweet strawberries
are all a bright blue!

I walked down the street
and heard the sounds of a pig.
Oink, oink, oink!
And he sounded quite big.

Turning the corner,
I stopped to see
if the pig in question
looked real to me.

His tail was curled,
his body was round.
His ears were pointed,
and I made quite the sound--

When it was plain to see
that this was the pinkest pig,
as pink pigs could be.

But what was this?
Could this be true?

Wherever he went,
all the pinks!

"Pink piggie!"
I called out.
"Certainly you can spare
some pink for me?"

"If only I could for you,"
he sadly replied.
"My heart is blue.
No one loves me,
and it's the only thing
I'm afraid I could do."

"That couldn't be true!"
I said in dismay.
"You have friends and family
who must certainly love you in almost every way."

"Alas they are far,
and I am lonely."
He looked at me.
"I've but one request only.
Could you love
a pink pig with a blue heart,
Who may possibly take all your pink..."
He pointed at me.
"Your face is a start."

I looked at my hands
that were slowly turning blue.
If I loved this pink pig,
he would take away all this too.

I saw his sad eyes,
and his blue heart.
And remembered that I too was alone,
it would be good to be part
of a duo with pink pig,
and his blue, sad heart.

"Certainly, pink pig!
I will love you true.
Your pink self is welcome to my heart and home,
and your blue heart, too."

As I said these words,
pink pig's face lit up,
and his blue heart swelled,
and wouldn't stop

Until pink pig
was entirely blue!

But his heart now seemed
wonderfully new.

The pink returned
to my face and hands.
The strawberrries were pink,
and the roses pink garlands.

But pink pig turned blue!
Though from his smile I knew
that he didn't mind
being a blue pig at all.

So from then on, we two
lived happily--
me pink, him blue,
as good friends do.

- MPN 040712

It was especially fun writing this one.  :-)

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