Thursday, April 19, 2012

A Fresh Flower Arrangement!

Fresh and pretty...a day after getting the flowers!

Yay, so I was finally able to finish the fresh flower bouquet sample for a friend's wedding.  Her theme is more on the blues, but for lack of blue-hued flowers, I went with purples and whites and greens.

I learned something from Lex on why there's a scarcity of blue flowers.  Apparently, bees can't see the color blue all that well, so blue flowers aren't pollinated as much, and thus they aren't as prolific.

Anyway, the bouquet above is assembled from purple and white paper roses, the delicate misty blue (I heard they dry to the same color, so I'll tie a bunch together and hang), and some berries.

Flipping through a bouquet book at National Bookstore, I learned that this type of bouquet is the "natural" type, a less calculated arrangement as opposed to the more "finished" types of bouquets.

Glad they were happy with this.  :-)


  1. Hi Marielle, I couldn't see it upclose during the soiree but wow! :D This doesn't look like it's made of paper at all! You have super awesome papercrafting skills! Hahaha.

  2. Hey! :-) Oh, this is a fresh flower bouquet, hehe. The one I brought yesterday is this one: --it's made of fabric. Awesome meeting you guys yesterday, and thank you for the lovely party decor set!

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