Sunday, April 8, 2012

Felting Easter ♥

My first felting project!

So today I figured it was time to hunker down and start felting!  I bought equipment in Taiwan, but I never got around to making them.  Yesterday, I got a package from a good friend in the US, and it came with a really cute basic felting kit!  Mr. Penguin above is the product of my first handmade adventure into felting!

Let's see how he came to be.

The felting packet came with the wool, two felting needles and the instructions.  The special felting needle holder I had (which holds three needles at a time), as well as the pad, I got in Taiwan.

The details were finished off with a single felting needle.  I had only seen a demo of how to felt at the Middle Handmade Studio, care of Ring, and she was a pro at it.  This project was easy to do, but just required a bit of patience with getting the white wool base to come together and shape.

I was tweeting all the while doing it, apart from taking photos (whew, multitasking!), and the whole process took about twenty or so minutes.

So yay, I'm really felting Easter with my egg-shaped penguin.  :-)  Big hugs to Milo for sending Mr. Penguin my way.  Hmmmm.  Milo!  Give him a proper name!  Thank you to Ry and Thomas for carrying him all the way from the US.

Here's to more handmade adventures!  Happy Easter!

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