Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Hello, blue roses!

Because I've been especially busy (since the long weekend ended), I'd just like to share some photos of a blue rose bouquet I made as a sample for a friend's wedding.  Though she chose to go with fresh instead (so now I'm learning all about fresh flowers), I'm still pretty happy with this rustic, minimal bouquet.

Close-up of the large flower.
I used two shades of blue of geena silk, and mixed it in with a mid-tone satin.  And to add to the rustic feel, I put in some canvas petals.  I love the way the addition of a neutral tone makes something more elegant, don't you?  :-)  I used this DIY project from Greenweddingshoes (love that site!) as a reference for constructing the flower.  I then wrapped the wire stems first with floral tape, then hemp rope for more of the rustic feel.  The whole bouquet is finished off with the addition of dried flowers, tied together with the roses using cream cotton lace.

It was an overcast day when I photographed these in the yard.  No adjustments to the image.
I'll document the process next time to share.  :-)

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